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Other specialties Debi Laszewski is available for:

• Guest Poser
• Actor
• Body Double
• Instructional Seminars
• Modeling Work
• Event Hosting Emcee
• Expert Guest
• Health, Wellness and Body Image Freelance Reporter



Debi Laszewski, a world-class trainer has amassed 25 years of experience in the health and Debi Laszewski black bikinifitness industry. She is a perennial Olympia contender in her sport since 2006 as a professional athlete. Ranked #3 in the world, her attention to detail has set the bar in the industry for consistent conditioning and constant improvement. Attaining your goals requires desire, dedication and hard work; and it takes knowledge too.

Now, Debi Laszewski has trained a team of "Top Flight" trainers and they are finally sharing insider secrets to help you achieve the emotional, mental and physical balance you have always wanted. Using a program tailored to your exact needs, you will learn professional nutrition and fitness building blocks to be your very best.Debi and Comapny Logo

Start building your pyramid of power today!

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