Michele McDermott

NPC Women’s Physique/NPC Women’s Figure

Michele McDermott

I chose to work with Debi when my previous online-only coach retired 12 weeks shy of my 2017 show. When I approached Debi, she was excited to work with me but knew we had some hurdles ahead due to my show date and understanding of my body. I committed and placed my trust in her after discussing my diet and training history. With that knowledge in hand, Debi was able to create a plan unique for my individual needs. She developed a training program and diet plan that was adjusted based on feedback and progress. She always explained the purpose of each new exercise and why certain foods were added or removed from my diet during prep. With encouragement and commitment, I was able to lean out in time for my show where I placed first in Figure Masters in my age category and Figure Open D.

I have learnt so much working with Debi—she is more than generous with the information and knowledge she shares with clients and non-clients alike. She goes above and beyond, educating about nutrition and training for contest prep and everyday life. Her success speaks for itself.
I feel SO fortunate to have found Debi when I did—not only for the success she has helped me achieve as a competitor but for introducing me to a sustainable lifestyle. Over the years, Debi has assisted me in reshaping my body and knowledge as a competitor. My original goal of competing in Figure has expanded into the Women’s Physique Division (WPD), as her style of training has brought out the details in my muscle structure required for this level of competition. In fact, this year I was the Open Women’s Physique Overall Champion, a lifelong goal and achievement.

I look forward to gracing the stage again to showcase my improvements made by working with Debi. I would highly recommend Debi not only to competitors, but to anyone wanting to make better dietary, fitness, and lifestyle choices that will result in you looking, feeling, and living your ultimate life.
—Michele McDermott, Tequesta, FL 

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