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We specialize in:

Sport Specific Training
Endurance/Conditioning Training
Core Strengthening
Weigh Training
Functional Training
Circuit Training
Exercise Physiology

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Nutritional Counseling Packages

Contest Preparation/Athletes

Personal Training

Debi and Company is dedicated to helping you "Reach Your Fitness Goal."

What is your goal?
Do you want to get in shape?
Do you want to look and feel amazing?
Do you want to regain your health, run a marathon or climb Mount Everest?
Do you want to keep up with your grand kids on the playground?

No matter what you are trying to accomplish, Debi and Company can help you reach your fitness goals. My expert team of "Top Flight" trainers will design a program specifically for you, to help you achieve success.


One-on-One Personal Training - $100 per hour
In-home Personal Training - starting at $225 per hour (within 20 mile radius or less)
Group Training (2 - 3 people) - starting at $175 per hour
Residence/Community/Corporate rates - to be determined - please call or email
4 (1-hour) Training sessions/Nutritional program/Training program - $500
5 (1-hour) Training sessions/Nutritional program/Training program - $600
6-week Online Training program - $300 /with Nutritional program - $550
12-week Online Training program - $500 /with Nutritional program - $750
Choreography/Posing - $150 per hour  Chris Leg Video with Debi

Nutritional Counseling Packages


VIP Services

Debi and Company logo

We specialize in:

Strength Training
Wellness Coaching
Injury Prevention
Weight Management
Lifestyle Training
Sports Injuries Rehab
Water Aerobics

Other specialties

 Debi Laszewski is available for:

• Guest Poser
• Actor
• Body Double
• Instructional Seminars
• Modeling Work
• Event Hosting Emcee
• Expert Guest
• Health, Wellness and Body Image Freelance Reporter

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