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Rebecca Libby

At an early age, I have always been the athletic one in the family. I went from being on the swim team in High School, to being an aerobics teacher as an adult. But I didn't understand nutrition and looking back now, I truly didn't understand training either. I was searching for guidance. That's when I saw a competition photo of Debi, framed and on display at the gym, Jupiter Fitness in Jupiter, Florida. Her muscle development and conditioning was all the evidence I needed to have the confidence that this women could teach me how to achieve my goal with maximum results in the shortest time.

As the weeks went on, my interest for training grew. Debi's passion for teaching and spreading her knowledge of training proper form, timing, intensity and nutrition only fueled the fire within me. The goal of having a bikini body developed into a passion for lifting heavy, building muscle and competing in Women's Physique.

As the months went on, I continuously proved that I was serious, dedicated and worth the investment of time and energy, Debi starting teaching me some deeper aspects. I learned about mind and muscle connection. Not just moving the weight, but feeling and connecting with the muscle moving it. Sometimes our training sessions would also have deep life lessons. Debi helped me push past negative self-talk and disempowering doubtful thoughts by simply saying, "thoughts become things." Eventually with time and practice my "can't" turned into "can!" This lesson made me realize that I am responsible for my thoughts and I have every bit of control over them, if I choose to.

Debi helped me realize my self-worth. That caring for myself is no indulgence. It is necessary. "Eventually, relationships will fall into place. You are the cake and they are the icing that compliments and decorates you." Self-development is a greater commitment and greater requirement than the self-sacrifice of unconscious stagnation in unhealthy relationships.

My transformation has not just been physical but most importantly, mental and emotional. Debi has served me with genuine care and advice. She is has been my coach, and my mentor. Follow and learn from my journey, as I have recorded it since the beginning on Instagram (IG: beckthespeck84) where you can see for yourself, my transformation with Debi as my coach and Human Evolution as my primary supplement regime. It also includes exclusive photos and details of my 16-week transformation and prep of my very first Women's Physique competitions, with Debi as my coach. We placed 3rd in the first competition and a week later placed 1st, which qualified me for nationals! Her belief in me made me believe that anything is possible! I am privileged to have Debi as my life coach and excited to see what the future holds and what improvements we can make. She is an phenomenal teacher and roll model who has made me stronger as a whole; Physically, mentally and emotionally!

Thank you Debi! xoxo

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