Regie Simmons

IFBB PRO Men's Physique Division

Regie Simmons

I started working with Debi after completing my first season as a Men’s Physique competitor in the NPC. At the time, I weighed ~165 pounds at 6’0, and was seriously undersized to be competitive.

During my first meeting with Debi she asked if I had a desire to turn pro. And, of course, I told her yes, but in the back of my mind, I had serious doubts if I would be able to make that happen given my current size and placings.

By nature I have a “can do attitude” and a strong desire to be successful, so I was willing to follow Debi’s direction and advice to improve my physique. She very quickly assessed my strengths and weaknesses and started me on an off-season diet and workout plan. There are some coaches that will provide you with a cookie cutter diet/workout and expect magic to happen. That’s not the case with Debi.

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