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Mr. Bahamas 2011 a.k.a. 'Big Rob'

Client Testimonial

Robert Harris aka 'Big Rob' may have said it best!
Debi is making my dreams come true, has made others dreams come true and she can do the same for you!

My nickname for Debi is "The Dream Maker"

Rob Harris ShowdayHave you ever had a dream and no realistic way of achieving it?
Have you ever lost years of time because of your ego?
Do you ever lie to yourself and say it cost too much to get a professional contest prep guru, when you Rob Harris 12weeks before showdidn't even bother to find out the price?

If you ever felt like any or all of the above then you know how I felt. For years I had competed and came close to winning shows but, just couldn't nail some part of the competing process. One year it would be the diet was off. Next year the training would be off. Year after that, I would look good and the last week I would make rookie mistakes and destroy all of my hard work from 16 weeks earlier. You Rob Harris Showdayeventually come to a point where you can do 1 of 2 things. Either quit, lie to yourself and say you did everything you could or you can be honest with yourself, put your ego to the side and get some professional help.

I met Debi at the first show I ever did in 2006. She was an amateur that still looked and performed like a pro. She not only won the show she got a standing ovation. Not bad for her first time competing in the Bahamas. Meanwhile 5 years later I'm still an amateur, weighing around the same weight, give or take 5 lbs., competing in the same shows and getting the same placings. Debi since then had turned pro, become one of the top female guest poser for shows all over the world, turned amateurs to pro's and was consistently in the top 3 at the Ms. Olympia.

In 2010 I was on track to compete in Aruba at C.A.C's because I had made the national team only be kicked off 2 weeks before I was to compete. One of the coaches in charge of the team wanted to see how I was looking, after I showed him a couple days later I was cut from the team. Looking back, I couldn't blame him.

Around the same time I was supposed to compete in Aruba, the Mr. Olympia contest in Las Vegas, Nevada was also scheduled. My wife and I decided to treat ourselves to a needed vacation and went. While walking around I saw Debi. Debi has always been nice and approachable so when I would see her we would always have friendly small talk. When I ran across her she was there to compete and was hanging out with her client that she just helped turn pro. When I got back to my hotel room I mentioned to my wife that I bumped into Debi in the lobby and how good she looked and how her client just turned pro. My wife said to me "why don't I hire Debi to help me." That's when I did the typical idiot thing. I made every excuse in the book on why I didn't need any help.

Then comes the 2011 competition season I was worse shape ever. I finally had the mass but, conditioning was not on schedule. My wife put her foot down and said call her and she would pay for half of her fee as a birthday gift. It was the best decision I ever caved in on of my competition career!!!!

She was quick to communicate with me, got all my personal information and in no time got me on the right track. It was amazing!!! Before I knew it, I was hard as a rock, fully muscled, energized to train hard and ripped to shreds with my conditioning!!!! My body transformed so quickly people thought I was on drugs. Not bad for a natural guy. She will be my guru for as long as she will have me. My nick name for her is "The Dream Maker!" I not only won the show like she told me I would every week but, I won the most trophies in one show as well (Heavy weight class winner, most improved, best poser, most muscular and the overall!!). Oh! And at our show (Northern Bahamas Championships) you win donated prize money. I felt like a pro.

4 weeks later I competed again and she got me in even better conditioning and I won the national title, Mr. Bahamas 2011. At that show I won the heavy weight class, most muscular and the overall!! After that victory I hired Debi for the rest of year. Oh and did I mention I was the first person to be picked the national team this year.

I will represent the Bahamas at the C.A.C's this year in El Salvador. I will be competing to win a gold medal for the Bahamas and an IFBB pro-card. I am hoping to join the ranks of Darren Charles (Trinidad), Gustovo Badel (Puerto Rico) and Joel Stubbs (Bahamas). They won their pro-cards this way.
Debi is making my dreams come true, has made others dreams come true and she can do the same for you!

Thank You Guru Debi
"The Dream Maker"

Robert Harris A.K.A. Big Rob
Innovative Fitness (trainer) (sponsored athlete)