Beth Watcher

IFBB Pro Women's Bodybuilding Division

Beth Watcher

2010 Northern Bahamas Bodybuilding Championships 1st & Overall Heavyweight
2010 NPC SOUTHERN STATES Bodybuilding Championships 1st & Overall - Light Heavyweight
2010 MASTER'S NATIONAL 1st & Overall - Women’s over 35 - Light Heavyweight, 1st Women’s over 45 - Light Heavyweight - Earned PRO CARD

The past two years with Debi have been inexplicably exceptional. Prior to beginning my training with her, I was ready to call it quits with my career as a bodybuilder. I was seeing no results, everything remained the same, and the desire I once felt to compete was no longer the fiery passion it once was.

One day, I called Debi to inquire about her taking me on as a client. After a few days, we embarked on a brand new thrilling adventure. We trained hard for four months, leading up to the Master’s Nationals in 2009 where I placed third and looked the best I ever had.

For the next year, we trained tirelessly, and I began seeing many changes within myself. Once again the hunger and love for competition had returned with a vengeance.

To regain the confidence I once possessed, we took on the Northern Bahamas Bodybuilding Championships in June of 2010 where I placed first as well as won the overall as a heavyweight. Two weeks later, we headed to Fort Lauderdale, where I took another first and overall as a light heavy weight. From there, we ventured to Pittsburgh to conquer the Master’s Nationals…and conquer we did. I placed first in the Women’s over 35 and over 45 as a light heavy weight as well as taking home the overall in the over 35, therefore earning my pro card.

All of my thanks and gratitude to you, Debi. You reinvigorated my hopes, dreams, and aspirations as a bodybuilder and helped bring them to life. We did it!

-Beth Wachter, 2010

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