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For one full calendar year, the cost is $2,500.00, you will find in the contract exactly what is included.

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Brief Overview of Services RenderedDebi training Xavier Kelly

A. Training Programs
B. Nutrition/Supplements
C. Posing/Routines
D. Guidance on Tanning/Suits

A. Excludes one-on-one training is $100.00 per/hr.
B. Excludes expenses for shows out of town; hotel, transportation and airfare. Athlete Fee is $2,500.00 USD per year.

Communication can be email, via phone, via text, in-person, it will be done weekly to bi-weekly, to monthly, depending on where the Athlete is in the contest preparation.

Chris Leg Video with DebiThe Athlete is to strictly follow set guidelines, nutrition plans, workout regimens and keep all appointments.

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Step 1. Obtain the Athlete's Contract from Debi and either send by mail to the address at the end of the contract or scan and email to (fill in first section and all yellow areas)

Step 2. After completing to contract, decide how you will like to pay. I have tried to make it as affordable as possible and giving you two payment methods and three payment options.

Methods of Payment:

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Payment Options

PayPal users includes a convenience fee. You may pay by money order or cashiers check and avoid the convenience fee.

1.   One-time payment of $2,500.00 USD plus a $75.40 convenience fee

Pay in full


2.   PLAN A: $500 at signing of this contract and the balance of $2,000 within 30-calendar days, by MONEY ORDER, CASHIER’S CHECK or PAYPAL in U.S.D. Funds. [Non-refundable] Make $500 payment now by PayPal

PLAN A $500 Payment (first payment) plus a $14.80 convenience fee
Please remember to pay $2,000 balance within 30-days. You will not get a reminder.

PLAN A $2,000 Payment (second payment within 30-days of signing contract.) plus a $58.30 convenience fee. Thank you.


3.  PLAN B: $500 at signing of this contract and $500 a month for four (4) months due on the same numeric date of signing the contract. If monthly payment is not received within seven (7) - calendar days there is a $10 late fee, plus no training until outstanding monthly balance is received and payment cleared. (This time is forfeited.) Payments by MONEY ORDER, CASHIER’S CHECK or PAYPAL in U.S.D. Funds. [Non-refundable] Make $500 payment now by PayPal Exception to PLAN B, if the CLIENT/ATHLETE’S show/contest is in four (4) months or less, the full amount is due the day of signing this contract.

PLAN B $500 Payment plus a $14.80 convenience fee

Please remember to pay $500 each month on the date you signed your contract, until paid in full.

You will not get a reminder. You may use this PayPal button for each month's payment.

You may switch payment methods as long as it is received on time.