Bill Logan, Masters Bodybuilding DivisionBill Logan front view

Client Testimonial

My name is Bill Logan and I am a 58 year old competitive bodybuilder.  I have known Debi Laszewski for a few years now and she has always been helpful even when I was not signed under her.  If I had one word to describe her it would be ‘Amazing’!!!!!   Debi is a one of a kind lifetime trainer, coach, nutritionist and most of all a friend.  During my short time working with her it has been a real experience and I have learned more in the past two years than all of the time I have spent learning about bodybuilding.

Debi is an extremely intelligent woman who is an outstanding Motivator and Leader.  She is totally committed to her clients and athletes and cares about their wellbeing, health, goals and success.  Focus, drive, unwavering determination is an understatement when it comes to describing her.  She expects nothing short of the best and will push and drive you to excel far beyond your own expectations as long as you have the heart and you want it.

Bill Logan three quarter viewTwo recent stories come to mind when I think of my trainer, nutritionist and coach;

1) During my contest prep for the 2014 Masters Nationals, as it should be I was tired, emotional and just drained 6 weeks out.  That Sunday I had to send Debi pics and along with the pics I decided to express my internal feelings and emotions, which were very negative and which referred back to the decisions of the judges and my placement at the 2013 Masters Nationals.  Debi responded by telling me ‘All I can say is Your crazeee.  You need to know right now you have already won!!!!  Why should I give you #1 if you don’t even believe it?  Worried about weight, what happens when you turn Pro?  There are NO weight classes, so then what, give up?????  Better change that thinking!!!!

2) At the 2014 Masters Nationals due to the change in structure all competitors were doing their 45 sec routine during pre-judging.  This was taking quite a long time and we had been back stage for hours.  Debi had been thinking about how long we had been back stage and was getting concerned about how I was holding on and looking.  So she went and bought some Almond Butter and brought it back stage to me.  Who does this? I mean really….  This blew my mind because this was not normal and to prove what I thought was not normal the guy next to me was totally amazed that my trainer had done that for me.  He told me man that was not normal.  I told him she isn’t normal, she is just amazing so when you are looking for a trainer let me know I got one for you.

These two stories are just a small portion of what Debi has done for me and most importantly what she means to me.  I will give Debi nothing less than 1000% because she will give it back in return.  She had me prepared for the 2014 Masters Nationals in the best shape that I have ever been in a competition.  Her own trainer, Mr George Faraha said to her, you have done all the right things with him and he is in crazy condition.  Now that came from her trainer who is known as a guru in this business, “what else do I need to say”!!!!!!!!!

-Bill Logan