Candice Mumma, Bikini Division

Client Testimonial

Candice Mumma 2014 Front view    Candice Mumma 2014 Back view Candice 2/25/2014

Candice Mumma Southern States 2015 Front          Candice Mumma Southern States 2015 Candice at the Southern States 2015

In the beginning of 2014, I wanted compete in the NPC.  My intention/goal is to one day become a professional bikini competitor in the IFBB.  I needed to find a trainer and was referred, by one of my clients, to Debi Laszewski.  I was a little skeptical to go see her since I knew she was a body builder and I didn’t think that would be a good fit for me since I only wanted to do bikini.  However, I decided it didn’t hurt to go meet her and see what she had to say.  Within five minutes of meeting her, I knew I had found the perfect trainer for me!  She understood that I needed someone who would push me hard, not coddle me, and make me strive to be the best.  Therefore, I signed my first one year contract with her and became “hooked on Debi.”   After, my first show I became obsessed with pushing myself even harder for the next.  Therefore, I began also training one on one with Debi.  This allowed me to see the way she trained both in proper form and intensity.  Thus, I decided to continue another year with Debi and signed another contract with her in 2015.  My next two competitions in 2015 I looked night and day differently from even my 2014 show with Debi.  With now placing top five in shows and becoming nationally qualified, I decided my dream of becoming pro could be achieved with Debi.  I am in my third contract with Debi and we have an amazing year of competing planned.  She is a trainer that can help you achieve your dreams and make you feel more confident about yourself every day.  I am thankful to consider her my coach, my mentor, and most importantly my friend.