Regie Simmons,  IFBB PRORegie Simmons Men's Physique Division

Client Testimonial

I started working with Debi after completing my first season as a Men’s Physique competitor in the NPC. At the time, I weighed ~165 pounds at 6’0, and was seriously undersized to be competitive.

During my first meeting with Debi she asked if I had a desire to turn pro. And, of course, I told her yes, but in the back of my mind, I had serious doubts if I would be able to make that happen given my current size and placings.

By nature I have a “can do attitude” and a strong desire to be successful, so I was willing to follow Debi’s direction and advice to improve my physique. She very quickly assessed my strengths and weaknesses and started me on an off-season diet and workout plan. There are some coaches that will provide you with a cookie cutter diet/workout and expect magic to happen. That’s not the case with Debi.

Regie Simmons, ProRegie Simmons PRO back viewShe expected me to send progress pictures frequently, so that my diet could be modified based upon my development. She also encouraged me to send her emails and text messages with questions or concerns. And, it was during these interactions that I realized that she had a deep understanding of all things fitness, including supplements, exercise, nutrition, and posing.

From the onset, Debi demonstrated an attention to detail and attentiveness that resonated with me. She has high expectations of her athletes, but has an equally high expectation of herself that is present at all times.

Over the last two years I have not only improved my physique and my placings, but I’ve gained a friend and a trusted advisor. For these reasons and many more, I highly recommend Debi & Company for your training needs.


Regie Simmons

IFBB Pro Men's Physique Division
Nationally qualified MP competitor, NPC owner